Rinko Kawauchi - Semear (Signed)

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Fantastic signed copy of Rinko Kawauchi's magical book, Semear.

Signed (with photographic provenance)
1st edition published by FOIL, 2007
Format: Softcover with flaps and cover band.
Pages: 184
Condition: Very Good/Fine.

*Book also comes with original receipt, exhibition flyer and photograph of the signing*

A century has passed since the first Japanese Immigrants arrived to Brazil. Invited by MAM (Museu de Arte Moderna, Sao Paulo), Rinko Kawauch took new series of photographs of, from Japanese Brazilian community, the scenery of the great nature and animals living there, everyday life of its inhabitants, to the Rio Carnival, through her three times visits to Brazil.
Sao Paulo, Belem, Tome-Acu, Campinas, Londrina, Iguacu, Pananal, Bonito, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Luis, Lencois Maranhenses…Holding the overwhelming energy, every moments in Brazil is inscribed beautifully, delicately, and sometimes nostalgically in Rinko Kawauchi’s images.

The different races and cultures, the disparity in wealth, festivals and everyday life, and the country, where all the things are mingled. The rhythm of life are welling up from the chaos. In this new series of work, you will see a new ground of Rinko Kawauchi, which she found in Brazil.

-What I wanted to see might be the immense power of Brazil, a country able to absorb everything like the so-cold Devil’s Throat, which swallows Iguacu Falls’ main flume in a deafening roar.
by Rinko Kawauchi.