Dan Wood - Gap in the Hedge (Signed)

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Dan Wood - Gap in the Hedge (Signed)

Signed 1st edition, published by Another Place Press, 2018. Edition of 500 (Out of print)
Format: Hardback, 255x205mm
Pages: 132
Condition: Very Good

“Loosely based around nostalgia, ‘Gap in the Hedge’ reflects on a journey I used to make with my Mother to visit relatives in the Rhondda Valley, every Saturday when I was a small boy. It was my first taste of a road trip and I can recall almost every inch of the journey. I’d sit there in the front seat of my Mother’s little red car utterly absorbed and mesmerised by the forests, terraced houses and falling rock warning signs. The journey seemed to take forever, but we were only ever around 30 minutes from home.”