Mark Steinmetz - Past K-Ville

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1st edition published by Stanley Barker, 2018 (1000 copies)
Format: Hardback with dustjacket, 270x250mm
Pages: 128
Condition: Very Good/Fine. Some very minor yellowing to outer pages.

Mark Steinmetz’s Past K-Ville continues the poetic journey that began in 15 Miles to K-Ville. This new collection of photographs dates from the mid-1990s and was made on road trips throughout the American South: Memphis, Atlanta, New Orleans, Chattanooga, and Athens, Georgia. Spray-painted rumours of romance punctuate a world comprised largely of teenagers and young couples.
The work was made while Steinmetz received support from a Guggenheim Fellowship.
"I love the South for its warmth and chaos. The vegetation down here grows rampant; the light is softened by humid air. The people are for the most part friendly and they are comfortable in their bodies. They tend to be more open to being photographed by a stranger. The unexpected happens here a lot." - Mark Steinmetz