Jason Lee - In The Gold Dust Rush

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Absolutely beautiful book by the multi-talented Jason Lee which explores the American South West.

1st edition published by Stanley Barker, 2020
Format: Hardback
Pages: 112
Condition: Very Good. Like New.

For the past 14 years, artist, actor and skateboarder Jason Lee has traversed America making quiet, reflective photographs detailing the landscape and its oft-overlooked and forgotten places.

His new book In The Gold Dust Rush draws together 84 never before published black and white photographs from the last 12 of those years into a meandering journey from the mountains to the city.

“Since my first photographic outings in my native California in 2006, where I explored a more rural, perhaps neglected face of the state, and the many subsequent outings zigzagging through the West Coast, the Southwest, and Texas, I remain fascinated by these American scraps, by evidence of cancellation and departure, and the environmental contradictions that make up our collective everyday view. These conflicts, at once strange and beautiful, this is where the questions are. It’s then and now splitting time, man and nature pushing up against each other, and progress forever forcing itself on the contented. And somewhere in the middle you make pictures.” Jason Lee