Gregory Halpern - Confederate Moons

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1st edition published by TBW, 2018
Format: Hardback, 220x275mm
Pages: n/a
Condition: Very Good. Like new.

During a summer marked by a total eclipse of the sun, known colloquially as "The Great American Eclipse" Halpern chose North and South Carolina as the stage in which to capture this rare and fleeting event, one which had not been visible across the entire contiguous United States since June 8th, 1918.

Halpern was particularly drawn to the ways in which the drama of that celestial coincidence intersected with the moments of life that directly preceded and followed it that year. Although the idea for the book was initially inspired by this celestial phenomenon, the work ultimately became more of a meditation of the current state of the nation and on that which separates and conversely bring us together. “I was fascinated,” Halpern says, “by the idea that the entire nation was staring at the sun, reveling in the apocalyptic thrill of watching the moon temporarily extinguish our life-source, all together.”