Rocco Venezia - Nekyia (Signed)

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Signed 1st edition published by Witty Kiwi, 2017
21 x 28 cm
72 pages
Soft cover
Design by Mauro Bubbico
Foreword by Colin Pantall
Essay by Francesca Seravalle
ISBN 9788894188233
Condition: Very Good/Fine

“Nekyia has two meanings; the first is the inner journey into the unconscious through which you reconnect with and heal your wounded self. The second is the ancient Greek ritual in which spirits were quizzed on what the future would be.
This book is the story of both these Nekyias, told through the contemporary prism of Greece’s ongoing economic disaster. The story takes place in the region of Epirus, near the banks of the River Acheron, a place where, in Greek mythology, the living world meets the underworld, where mortal life becomes the afterlife..."

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