Martin Parr - Black Country Stories

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Martin Parr - Black Country Stories

Perhaps the most prolific photographer of all; Martin Parr. This time the legendary Magnum photographer turns his lens to the people of the Black Country in the English Midlands.

1st edition published by Dewi Lewis, 2014
Format: Hardback
Pages: 140
Condition: Very Good. Like new.

'Martin Parr is a chronicler of our age - His photographs are original and entertaining, accessible and understandable. But at the same time they show us in a penetrating way how we live, how we present ourselves to others, and what we value.' - Thomas Weski Over the last four years Martin Parr has been working on a commission for Multistory photographing the Black Country, It was an area he knew little of, other than its reputation as a densely populated, post-industrial area; one in decline. Many of the industries that once made the Black Country great have declined, but numerous small factories and manufacturing businesses remain in good health. A degree of regeneration has also come as a result of the many immigrant communities that have made the Black Country their home. The region is now populated with many different communities - Polish, Sikh and Somali to name but a few. Parr has explored workplaces, temples, churches, shops, clubs and societies, Wary of neglecting the day-to-day experience, he also photographed in the Merry Hill Shopping Centre, in shops such as Tesco, in bars, clubs and nightclubs as well as in leisure facilities such as gyms, sports centres and spas. One particular focus of this new series is on portraiture, an aspect of Parr's work that has really blossomed through the project

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