Ben Horne - Between the Wind

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Ben Horne - Between the Wind

Beautiful large format landscape photography by epic wanderer Ben Horne.

1st edition published by Kozu Books, 2020
Format: Hardback
Pages: 68
Condition: New

"There is something to be said about limitation. It sparks within me a sense of creativity, and allows me to produce work I’m truly satisfied with.

For the past decade, I’ve worked exclusively with large format film. The limitation of this medium can be overwhelming at times, but I’ve learned to be patient, to think through my composition, and to wait for the best light.

I treasure those moments when I stand next to my camera, a stopwatch in one hand, a cable release in the other — patiently waiting for the wind to settle before opening the shutter.

Each photo in this book represents a moment of calm — a moment between the wind.

This collection of work spans from 2009 through present day, and was photographed entirely on 8x10 and 4x5 color film."

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