The World Atlas of Street Photography

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The World Atlas of Street Photography

Comprehensive volume of Street Photography, which features the best of the best - past and present.

1st edition published by Yale Press, 2014
Format: Hardback with dustjacket
Pages: 400
Condition: Very Good

"Street photography has an irresistible allure, bringing out the voyeur in the viewer. A new book, The World Atlas of Street Photography, has pictures by 100 established and emerging photographers, working in more than 50 cities on five continents. . . . Jackie Higgins, the author of the book, says for many people the term 'street photography' conjures up artists with a signature look from a particular era, such as Henri Cartier-Bresson or Garry Winogrand. But the genre is experiencing a renaissance, she says, grappling with issues like inequality in Africa and the growth of megacities in Asia."

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