Chris Killip & Graham Smith - 20/20 (Signed)

Sold out

Augusta Edwards Fine Art, 2024
h255 x w200 mm
Designed by Chantal Fabres
Condition: New

Signed by Graham Smith

This catalogue was created to accompany the 20/20 exhibition at Martin Parr Foundation 11 APR - 30 JUN 2024. Including 12 images from each photographer plus texts by Graham Smith and David Campany.

The black-and-white photographs in this publication document the North East in a period when heavy industry was still thriving, followed by an unforeseen and devastating collapse. For the 20/20 exhibition Killip and Smith each selected 20 photographs taken between 1975 and 1987 in locations from Skinningrove, just south of Middlesbrough to Lynemouth, just north of Newcastle. The images depict an environment that for centuries has evolved from the industrial revolution. The photographers documented the individuals and communities whose lives depended on heavy industry, people who were facing a politically forced change to the landscape and their ways of life that had been settled for generations.