Steve McCurry - India (Signed)

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Steve McCurry - India (Signed)

Love him or hate him, there's no denying that Steve McCurry's travel photography is absolutely incredible.

Signed 1st edition Published by Phaidon, 2015
Format: Hardback (large)
Pages: 208
Condition: Very Good.

Steve McCurry: India explores the lives of everyday people in extraordinary settings through the lens of Steve McCurry, one of the most admired photographers working today. This new portfolio of emotive and beautiful photographs from India features 150 previously unpublished images taken across the Indian subcontinent, along with iconic photographs that are famous worldwide.

Reproduced in a large format with captions, and an introductory essay, this book features a range of color pictures illustrating this most colorful of countries, capturing the lives of everyday people in extraordinary settings: from the Ganesh festival on Chowpatty beach in Mumbai to the Kolkata railway station before dawn to the flower markets of Kashmir and the streets of Old Delhi.

Following Phaidon’s 2013 bestseller Untold: The Stories Behind the Photographs, McCurry's India is a new selection of the photographer's beautiful and powerful images of India, a country he has photographed many times over the last thirty years.

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