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Simon Crofts - expectations (Signed)

  • Simon Crofts - expectations (Signed)
  • Simon Crofts - expectations (Signed)
  • Simon Crofts - expectations (Signed)
  • Simon Crofts - expectations (Signed)
  • Simon Crofts - expectations (Signed)

Absolutely wonderful book by Simon Crofts documenting his exploration of the Ukraine.

Signed 1st edition published by Kehrer Verlag, 2015
Pages: 128
Condition: Very Good

"Expectations is a collection of picture poems about Ukraine inspired by literature, music, and history.

Ukraine is the child of a failed utopian dream. It is a place of perpetually frustrated hope - a land of endless expectations. Expectations is the result of a long relationship with Ukraine, with Russia, with Belarus - meetings with old friends and chance encounters with strangers, places with resonance. It is a series of photographs, with accompanying recollections, interviews and sound recordings, connected with literature, music, history and personal experiences. It is one person's record of family, friends, strangers and how life has changed over the last 20 or so years.

The Slav heartlands - the lands of Ukraine, European Russia and Belarus that roughly formed the old state of Kievan (or Stary) Rus - always seems to be in a state of waiting for change. Sometimes any change at all can seem preferable to none - until, perhaps, that something happens.

Today the region is in a tug of war - a tug of war of aspirations, of memory, of economics and politics, of hopes. This tug of war can be seen being played out on the streets of Kiev, and in the Crimea that in the past has represented a kind of internationalism, a co-existence of peoples, and a window on western and Byzantine civilisations, but today is threatening to become on the contrary a source of dissent and conflict. The aspirations are on the one hand of closer acceptance with the rest of the world versus a struggle with the humiliation of loss of empire and economic collapse which encourage a return to a Dostoyevskian national idea based on pride in the achievements and sacrifices of the past. The first of these is pulling Ukraine in the direction of Europe, the latter dragging it back towards its historical place under the Russian empire."