Ronni Campana - Badly Repaired Cars

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Ronni Campana - Badly Repaired Cars

Beautiful little book of quirky and colourful observations by Ronni Campana.

1st edition published by Hoxton Mini Press, 2016
Format: Hardback
Pages: 72
Condition: Very Good

Beautiful Bentleys and Vauxhall vans are fixed in equally poor fashion in this book of quirky but poetic close ups of cars held together by tape and string from around the world. Ronni Campana, who specialises in powerful and detailed still life elevates the banal into something akin to abstract art. A strip of old tape across a cars broken headlight takes on a powerfully graphical form. Green plastic hanging from a door divides the frame like a Rothko colour wash. This is very much an art photography book but the accessible format, price and content give it mainstream potential.

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