Roger Tiley - Tower: Owned by the Miners

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Roger Tiley - Tower: Owned by the Miners

Wonderful documentation of the Tower Colliery and its community by prolific Welsh powerhouse, Roger Tiley.

1st edition published by Incline, 1998.
Format: Hardback with dustjacket
Pages: 148
Condition: Very Good. Some minor signs of age.

Tower Colliery was the last deep mine to work in Wales. British Coal, along with all the other collieries in Wales, was earmarked for closure. The miners however, had a different view and put their redundancy money together to purchase the pit. Tower eventually closed in 2013, after the miners' buyout lasted for eight profitable years.
I spent a year during 1996 visiting the colliery to document the daily running. I was no stranger of going underground and facing the conditions miners face on a daily basis. All the project was shot using a 6x9mm Fuji camera with a fixed 65mm lens. The camera had a mechanical shutter, and as batteries were not allowed underground, this was an ideal camera. I used the technique of painting with light, asking the miners to stay still while I used my cap lamp to illuminate them, using a ten second exposure.
The community also played an important part in this project and I recorded many events arranged through the colliery.