Kane Lyons - Birkenhead (Signed)

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Kane Lyons - Birkenhead (Signed)

Signed 1st edition published, self-published, 2023.
*Limited to 100 copies only*
Format: Softcover, 210x210mm
Pages: 104
Condition: New

Birkenhead is an in-depth look at the landscape of a post-industrial town in the North of England. All around Birkenhead there are clues to its past, ghosts of industry and commerce that survived all the way to the present day and are a direct link back to a time that no human alive today was there to witness. Despite making it this far, large scale development plans are going to see the docks and surrounding landscape changed forever. The commencing of this development saw my passion project of documenting a town I spent a lot of time in develop into a concerted effort to document every building in the area that maintains some relevance to the areas social history.

The lifeblood of Birkenhead was the docks. Constructed on a natural tidal inlet of the River Mersey between 1847 and 1877, the Birkenhead dock system employed thousands and catalysed the development of the surrounding area from a small town of ship builders to a vast industrial conurbation. Birkenhead flourished for over 100 years until reaching its peak in the early 1960’s. At this time, unemployment was just 2.5% and the town was a bustling hive of industry, though this wouldn’t last for long. With the rise of containerisation and global imports, Birkenhead rapidly declined and fell empty. The Birkenhead docks were soon nearly completely abandoned, and deemed a biological hazard. This urban decay was only accelerated by a governmental policy of “managed decline” and by 1993, unemployment in the town had risen to 35% (52% among men). Birkenhead has never fully recovered from the effects of deindustrialisation, being named the most dangerous town in Merseyside in 2022.

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