Jamel Shabazz - Back in the Days

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Iconic and important photobook by Jamel Shabazz which documents a major shift in New York history and the birth of the Hip Hop culture.

1st edition published by PowerHouse Books, 2001
Format: Hardback
Pages: 128
Condition: New

"Back in the Days documents the emerging Hip Hop scene from 1980-1989-before it became what is today's multi-million-dollar multinational industry. Back in the days, gangs would battle not with guns, but by breakdancing. Back in the days, the streets-not corporate planning-set the standards for style. Back in the days, Jamel Shabazz was on the scene, photographing everyday people hangin' in Harlem, kickin' it in Queens, and cold chillin' in Brooklyn.

Street styling with an attitude not seen in fashion for another twenty years to come, Shabazz's subjects strike poses that put supermodels to shame-showing off Kangol caps and Gazelle glasses, shell-top Adidas and suede Pumas with fat laces, shearling coats and leather jackets, gold rope chains, door-knocker earrings, name belts, boom boxes, and other designer finery. For anyone who wants to know what keepin' it real means, Back in the Days is the book of your dreams.

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