Don McCullin - Unreasonable Behaviour (Signed)

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Don McCullin - Unreasonable Behaviour (Signed)

Beautiful signed copy of Don McCullin's astonishing Autobiography, Unreasonable Behaviour. Everyone needs to read this one.

Signed 1st edition Published by Jonathan Cape, 1990
Format: Hardback
Pages: 288
Condition: New

‘"He has known all forms of fear, he’s an expert in it. He has come back from God knows how many brinks, all different. His experience in a Ugandan prison alone would be enough to unhinge another man – like myself, as a matter of fact – for good. He has been forfeit more times than he can remember, he says. But he is not bragging. Talking this way about death and risk, he seems to be implying quite consciously that by testing his luck each time, he is testing his Maker’s indulgence’" - John Le Carré