Aline Diépois & Thomas Gizolme - Dust Book

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1st edition published by Steidl, 2009
Format: Hardback, 195x250mm
Pages: 104
Condition: Very Good

"It all started when we decided to run away from Paris and catch up with the desert, over in Tucson, Marfa, Willcox and other secluded places in the States. Along the way, we often came across this sign: "Dust storm may exist." Strangely enough it reflected our mood at that precise moment. I remember a movie whose name I've forgotten right now, the hero would say: "As long as you're moving no one can get you," it must have been a war movie in which the protagonists tried to pass through bullets. This book is like that image. Through the juxtaposition of these photos and texts, we've fled one story to create another, made of pleasure and doubt, of trust and fear and mostly of laughter and jokes. Dust Book is our story."

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