Thomas Walther - Other Pictures

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1st edition published by Twin Palms, 2000
Format: Hardback with dustjacket, 200x260mm
Pages: 212
Condition: Very Good. Some minor shelf wear.

A major collector of photography finds himself compelled to look past another vintage print by Walker Evans or Edward Weston. He discovers magically composed snapshots of a couple, a family, street scenes or a naked woman. He finds these prints in a family album, a shoe box, or at a flea market. They are photography's $5 miracles.
With dedication and intensity, Thomas Walther has been sorting through the seemingly superfluous vernacular photographs of this century. He has chosen over 150 unique images from his "other" collection, his collection of found images. They are perfectly presented here. Other Pictures provides the opportunity to appreciate and muse over these singular amateur masterpieces, images as indelible as any created by the most democratic of tools-the camera.

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