Imogen Cunningham - Portraiture

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1st paperback edition published by Bullfinch, 2001
Format: Softcover with flaps, 230x305mn
Pages: 200
Condition: Very Good. Some minor signs of age.

Imogen Cunningham was one of photography's early pioneers, a Seattle-born virtuoso whose brilliant portraits and still lifes helped to establish the medium as an art form. This book collects the best of Cunningham's portrait work - over 200 images, more than half of which were first published in the hardcover edition. Portraiture was Cunningham's first love and foremost specialty and her subjects, captured with stringent clarity and astuteness, include some of the century's best-known artists, photographers, writers and other notables. Ansel Adams, Man Ray, Frida Kahlo, Gertrude Stein, Spencer Tracy, Cary Grant, Somerset Maugham and Anna Freud were among the thousands of individuals she photographed throughout her career. Her photo files also form an illuminating account of her own life - a compelling picture history comprising portraits of herself, her family and friends. In an illustrated essay accompanying the images, Richard Lorenz discusses Cunningham's approach to portraiture, influences on her work and comparable work by other important photographers. A chronology of Cunningham's life and a selected bibliography are also included.

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