Edward Weston - Photography & Modernism

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1st edition published by Bullfinch, 1999 to coincide with the touring exhibition 1999-2002
Format: Hardback with dustjacket, 290x275mm
Pages: 230
Condition: Very Good. Some minor signs of age.

This third and culminating volume in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts' outstanding series on Edward Weston examines his role in the modernist movement. Comparative illustrations of work by Picasso, Brancusi, O'Keeffe, Pollock and other artists are included to provide a deeper understanding of these influences. Following an introduction by Theodore Stebbins, three sections of photographs with accompanying essays demonstrate the entire range of Weston's work: still-lifes, work from the Mexican period, his landmark work with shells and peppers, small-format portraiture and fragmentary nudes, the classic 1930s series of nudes and dunes, and his late, abstract landscapes. This catalogue features many previously unpublished photographs from the renowned Lane Collection. Vintage prints - all printed by Weston himself - were used to create the exquisite tritone reproduction in this masterful book.

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