Daniel Meadows - Nattering in Paradise

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1st edition published by Simon & Schuster, 1988
Format: Hardback with dustjacket, 255x180mm
Pages: 188
Condition: Very Good

"Nattering in Paradise is compulsive reading for all salary slaves who secretly fear they have been labelled 'Suburban'. If you have a family, a large mortgage, life insurance, a microwave, double-glazing, a fridge-freezer and wear a tracksuit around the house, if you shop at Waitrose or Sainsbury's, covet a smart foreign car and yearn to educate your children privately you will be desperate to read this book, if only to prove once and for all that you are not, as the dictionary would have it, 'smug, comfortable, half cultured and narrow minded in outlook'." - Taken from the book.

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