Lisa Kereszi - Fun & Games

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1st edition published by Nazraeli Press, 2009 (750 copies)
Format: Hardback, 365x310mm
Pages: 72
Condition: Very Good. Some light shelf wear.

The series FUN AND GAMES by American photographer Lisa Kereszi is subtitled: “Looking hard at the places we go for escape” – a detailed look behind the facades of the places that people create as places of escapism, places of pleasure, distraction, entertainment. Theme parks, amusement parks, bars, strip clubs and discos – “these places live from the darkness. Seen in daylight, their reality has a very surreal aspect,” Kreszi describes her fascination for these locations.

LISA KERESZI, born in 1973, is a professor of photography at the very prestigious Yale University and one of the most destinguished voices in contemporary photography from the US. Her work can be found in major collections such as the Whitney Museum of American Art and the Brooklyn Museum of Art in New York. Lisa Kereszi lives and works in New Haven , Connecticut. The book to the series “Fun and Games” is published by Nazraeli Press.

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