Jan Töve - Bortom Redan (Signed)

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Signed 1st edition published by Nya Vyer, 2001
Format: Hardback with dustjacket, 250x285mm
Pages: 192
Language: Swedish
Condition: Very Good

Join us on a journey among incredible photos from Greenland's icebergs, Namibia's desert, North America's wilderness to beech leaves in Västergötland. Large landscapes and small details from the nature we live in. A fantastic book about the dynamic interplay of nature with photos by Jan Töve.

In his book, Beyond already, Jan Töve depicts areas and environments that, regardless of geographical location, are "beyond already". He takes us to the icebergs of Greenland, the desert of Namibia, the rugged vegetation of Tasmania and the swamps of North Carolina, but he also highlights the remarkableness of the ordinary and seemingly trivial nature that we all have around where we live and which for Jan Töve is Västergötland, where he is born and raised.

The book contains over 100 color photos, and here Jan Töve shares his thoughts and musings about nature's geometry, chaos and order. He has had modern chaos research as a source of inspiration. The images move in a borderland between extremes – between day and night, big and small, soft and hard, between ugly and beautiful, a personal interpretation of nature's geometry, its chaos and order.

Jan Töve is one of Sweden's most talented nature photographers and in the book depicts different environments in different countries and seasons. For those who are looking for inspiration, need new publications or want to see really high-quality and wonderfully beautiful pictures, this is the right book.

Jan Töve is a member of Naturfotograferna and Naturfotograferna Bildbyrå. In 1995 he was named Nordic Nature Photographer of the Year.

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