J H Engström - Sketch of Paris (Signed)

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Signed 1st Aperture edition, 2013
Format: Softcover in Slipcase, 210x275mm
Pages: 314
Condition: Very Good

'I was ten years old in 1979 when I moved with my parents from the Swedish countryside of Värmland County, Sweden to Paris. It was my first time in a major international city. We returned to Värmland two years later. But ever since then Paris has been a second home, and I have visited and lived there off and on. These photographs were taken between 1991 and 2012'

Sketch of Paris, however, is hardly a catalog of classic Parisian scenes, offering instead a raw yet lyrical portrayal of the artist’s misadventures, loves, and random encounters in its streets, bars, and artist lofts—an entirely personal Paris.