William Eggleston - Ancient and Modern

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William Eggleston - Ancient and Modern

1st edition published by Jonathan Cape, 2002
Format: Softcover, 280x250mm
Pages: 168
Condition: Good. Some shelf wear and minor signs of age.

The appreciation of Eggleston's work has come a long way since his pioneering 1976 exhibition, William Eggleston's Guide, at New York's Museum of Modern Art. He has been called the 'father of colour photography' and since the 1990s he is widely regarded as the leading and most influential colour photographer of the twentieth century.

Ancient and Modern is a collection of photographs chosen from Eggleston's earliest photographs taken in the American South, Africa and England. The photographs depict subjects and objects from everyday life and it is Eggleston's unique ability to find beauty, and striking displays of colour, in ordinary scenes.

Mark Holborn, in his illuminating introduction, writes about the dark undercurrent of these mundane scenes as viewed through Eggleston's lens: '[Eggleston's] subjects are, on the surface, the ordinary inhabitants and environs of suburban Memphis and Mississippi - friends, family, barbecues, back yards, a tricycle and the clutter of the mundane. The normality of these subjects is deceptive, for behind the images there is a sense of lurking danger.'

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