William Albert Allard - Portraits of America

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William Albert Allard - Portraits of America

Fascinating look at America through the lens of William Albert Allard.

1st edition published by National Geographic, 2001
Format: Hardback (Faux Leather)
Pages: 256
Condition: Very Good. Some minor signs of age.

Part of New National Geographic Insight Series featuring breathtaking photographic retrospectives by individual photographers on a variety of subjects. Photographers will be profiled in ongoing, daily segments of the same name on the new National Geographic Channel, reaching more than 100 million households worldwide. Portraits of America will focus on the American photography of one of the world's best photographers. A legend in the photographic community, William Albert Allard has documented aspects of the American experience for a period scanning four decades. From the gritty tough-life existence of the American Cowboy to the heritage of the American Blues Highway, Allard has concentrated on segments of this country that have been largely overlooked. Whether interpreting William Faulkner's Mississippi or exploring the lifestyles around minor league baseball, Allard brings a sharp, creative focus to his work.