Tessa Bunney - the flower fields (Signed)

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Tessa Bunney - the flower fields (Signed)

Wonderful new publication from Tessa Bunney documenting the flower growers of Spalding, Lincolnshire.
And as a bonus, each book comes with a free packet of sunflower seeds!

Signed 1st edition published by NEPN, 2021.
Format: Paperback
Pages: 68
Condition: New

"I have been working with artisan British flower growers for almost 3 years and latterly became interested in the history of cut flower production especially in Lincolnshire, one of the UK’s major cut flower growing regions. This new work is located in South Holland, a rural district in the South East of Lincolnshire where man drained, reclaimed and enclosed nearly three quarters of a million acres of fenland and by the late 1800s flower bulbs produced both for cut flowers and for sale as a dried bulb were a well established crop in the Spalding area.
In 2019 I was commissioned by NEPN (North East Photograph Network) as part of Observe Experiment Archive to photograph commercial flower growers around Spalding in Lincolnshire to explore how technology is changing how we grow flowers in this country. This included traditional Lincolnshire mixed rotation family farms and larger commercial growers who mainly grow a limited range of flowers under glass and are pioneering the use of various technologies including hydroponics and optical graders."

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