Stefano Cerio - Vice Versa

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Stefano Cerio - Vice Versa

Gorgeous book of contemporary Italian landscapes by Stefano Cerio.

1st edition published by Contrasto, 2012
Format: Hardback
Pages: 120
Condition: New

The work of Stefano Cerio fits into one of the most significant and distinctive areas in Italian photography, namely, which, beginning with the exhibition Viaggio in Italia1 (Journey through Italy) curated in 1984 by Luigi Ghirri, Gianni Leone and Enzo Velati, has marked a radical change in the way of looking at our country. With complete nonchalance, Cerio asserts photography’s ability to render manifest the invisible, what is usually hidden from the eye. Not, as the modernist tradition embodied by the “new vision” would have it, by ex - ploiting the particolar characteristics of the camera, nor, according to the lesson of photo journalism, by showing a surprising aspect of daily life, but by searching those parts of the world that only a specific and determi - nate photographic intentionality can bring to light. The estranged visionariness of these photographs also stems from this element, from the recognition of the appeal of the machine, even the most trivial and banal. The paradox is that this appeal can only appear at the moment in which their functionality is denied, in which form is detached from function and in which the machine becomes an exhibit rather than a tool.