Rob Ball & KJ Shepherdson - Beyond The View

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Rob Ball & KJ Shepherdson - Beyond The View

…New Perspectives On Seaside Photography.

Fascinating study into Seaside Photography in this excellent little rarity by Rob Ball & KJ Shepherdson.

1st edition published by Burton Press, 2014
Format: Hardback
Pages: 84
Condition: Very Good

For the latter part of the 19th and much of the 20th Century, commercial photographic companies represented and reflected the heritage of British seaside culture. The research upon which this paper is based, seeks to provide new insights into an overlooked form of demotic photography, revealing rich seams of imagery and offering new perspectives on working class coastal history.

The paper provides an insight into commercial seaside photographic practice from 1860-1920, offering a visual exposition of the British seaside, as represented through the refracted lens of the ‘beach’ photographer – also often derogatorily referred to as a ‘Smudger’. The photographs are frequently evocative, drawing the viewer into a nostalgic past shaped by visual half-truths. Half-truths that too readily can become amplified from a view to the view and to the experience. Cloaked in conventions, expectation and mythologisation of what seaside photography should present, the images taken originally sought to immerse the viewer in sunny days of bustling resorts full of beaming adults and never fractious children. Such an edited past is one where it is all too easy to deny a broader contextualisation of limited opportunities, particularly for the working class, with elitism and class boundaries still firmly fixed. The paper seeks to reframe and recontextualise these ‘sunny snaps’, providing visual and text-based content that rewards scrutiny and critical engagement.

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