Richard Mosse - Incoming (Signed)

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Richard Mosse - Incoming (Signed)

Powerful work from acclaimed photographer/artist Richard Mosse.

Signed 1st edition published by Mack, 2017
OTA-bound softback with metallic silkscreened cover and black painted edges
576 pages, 280 metallic tritone plates
17.5 x 19.7 cm
Condition: New

At a moment when the world is facing the world’s largest refugee and migration crisis since the Second World War, Incoming by Irish artist Richard Mosse deals with the major humanitarian and political plight of our time, the displacement of millions due to war, persecution and climate change. With illuminating texts by Mosse and the philosopher Giorgio Agamben, the 576-page book combines film stills from the artist’s latest video work made in collaboration with electronic composer Ben Frost and cinematographer Trevor Tweeten – a haunting and searing multi-channel film installation, accompanied by a visceral soundtrack. Journeys made by refugees and migrants across the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe are captured with a new weapons-grade surveillance technology that can detect the human body from 30.3km. Blind to skin colour, this camera technology registers only the contours of relative heat difference within a given scene, foregrounding the fragile human body’s struggle for survival in hostile environments.

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