Peter Byrne - This Land

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Peter Byrne - This Land

Absolutely wonderful book/series by Glasgow based photographer, Peter Byrne, documenting cowboys in the American West.

1st edition published by Reckless Publications, 2017 in an edition of 300 only.
Format: Softcover with cover band.
Pages: 112
Condition: Very Good. Like new.

This Land is the culmination of project I began several years ago after a chance encounter with some cowboys I met at a ranch rodeo just outside Oklahoma City. I was subsequently invited to stay for a few days at the JA ranch in Texas, and it was during this brief visit when I was fortunate to ride out with a couple of cowboys that I became fascinated with their lives, the culture and more especially the landscape in which they worked.

The cowboy has played a hugely important role in the history and culture of the American West. Just as importantly however, has been the land on which they have worked. It has provided the perfect stage on which to perform, and it is this alliance which has always intrigued me. I am captivated by the desolation of desert and mountains and their relationship with the loneliness and solitude of the cowboy, who appears almost lost and insignificant in this vast open country; how in many ways the landscape provides the perfect backdrop for those at one with nature; and how the ever-changing landscape can shape the temperament and personality of the cowboy, creating a unique bond, built on knowledge, respect and appreciation of the land.

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