Paul Graham - Retrospective (Signed)

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Paul Graham - Retrospective (Signed)

Terrific look at the work of Paul Graham. Packed with insightful texts and interviews.

Signed 1st edition Published by Phaidon, 1996
Format: Softcover with dustjacket
Pages: 160
Condition: Very Good

The ecstatic face of a disco dancer in Berlin; a rural panorama in Derry, where a country road has been made into a Pollock-like canvas of red, white and blue; an ashtray, framed by a lacy spray of blood in a Barcelona toilet. Paul Graham uses and abuses classic genres of photography - the portrait, the landscape, the still life - to map a cultural topography. His jewel-like colours and unsettling compositions reveal how social relations and political trauma are inscribed in the everyday. This book brings together for the first time all of Graham's successive series, from his journey along the A1 in Britain to intimate studies of Japan. Graham's work has been celebrated in exhibitions around the world, including The Museum of Modern Art, New York, and Tate Britain, London.