Mike Brodie - A Period Of Juvenile Prosperity

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Mike Brodie - A Period Of Juvenile Prosperity

4th edition published by Twin Palms, 2012
Format: Hardback with dustjacket, 290x335mm
Pages: 104
Condition: New

At 17 Mike Brodie hopped his first train close to home in Pensacola, Florida thinking he would visit a friend in Mobile, Alabama. Instead, the train took him in the opposite direction to Jacksonville, Florida. Days later he rode the same train home, arriving back where he started. Nonetheless, it sparked something in him and he began to wander across America by any means that were free "€" walking, hitchhiking, and train hopping. Shortly after his travels began he found a camera stuffed behind a car seat and began to take pictures.

He has spent years crisscrossing the U.S. documenting his experiences, now appreciated as one of the most impressive archives of personal travel photography. When asked about his approach to travel and photography he says "sometimes I take a train the wrong way or]€]whatever happens a photo will come out of it, so it doesn't really matter where I end up."

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