Mark Power - The Shipping Forecast (Signed)

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Mark Power - The Shipping Forecast (Signed)

Signed 2nd edition published by Zelda Cheatle, 1997
Format: Softcover with flaps, 235x280mm
Pages: 70
Condition: Very Good. Some minor shelf wear and minor yellowing to outer pages.

Intangible and mysterious, familiar yet obscure, the Shipping Forecast is broadcast four times daily on BBC Radio 4. For those at, or about to put to sea, the forecast may mean the difference between life and death. But for millions of land-lubbing radio listeners it is more than this; the enigmatic language of the forecast has entered public consciousness, creating a landscape of the imagination and confirming romantic notions of Britain's island status.

Here are pictures made in all 31 areas by one of Britain's leading documentary photographers. Usually seen from the seashore, since all but five of the areas include a coastline, and captioned by the 0600hrs forecast on the day they were taken, these photographs attempt to challenge our assumptions of these far-flung places.

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