Lee Friedlander - The Desert Seen

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Lee Friedlander - The Desert Seen

A unique vision of the desert in this beautiful large format book by the legendary Lee Friedlander

1st edition published by D.A.P, 1996
Format: Hardback
Pages: 112
Condition: Very Good

Landscape photography may soothe or disturb; beckon one to forbidden corners of the world or remind us of those spaces only memory recalls. Award-winning photographer Lee Friedlander knows how to evoke such complex responses even when, as in The Desert Seen, the landscape is as strange and impenetrable as that of the Sonora Desert. Here cacti as expansive and preposterous as oceanic fauna are photographed with the reverence befitting nature's craftsmanship. Accompanied by a gentle but probing essay written by Friedlander especially for this book, the 94 magnificent tritone reproductions are an event for desert enthusiasts and photography connoisseurs alike.