JH Engstrom - Random

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JH Engstrom - Random

Super interesting collaboration between Engstrom/Mörel in this wonderful rarity. Originally produced in a signed/numbered edition of 100 only. This copy appears to be an unsigned proof.

1st edition self/published by Engstrom, 2015
Format: Softcover
Pages: n/a
Condition: Very Good. Some minor shelf wear.

First presented at OffPrint London in May, 2015. Random is an exercise in producing a book solely on the "will of the medium".
Engstrom randomly selected 60 images. Forty of these images were randomly selected by Mörel and randomly sequenced. The printer was asked to print the book on any uncoated paper they randomly had to spare. Finally, a friend of Mörel's was asked to photograph random parts of the book's content which was then printed on a fiber based wallpaper material for the covers.