Jeff Wall - North & West

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Jeff Wall - North & West

Stunning monograph from the highly acclaimed and avant garde photographer, Jeff Wall.

1st edition published by Audain Art Museum, 2015.
Format: Hardback
Pages: 88
Condition: Very Good

Jeff Wall has lived in his hometown of Vancouver for all but four years of his life. Most of his best-known images were shot in and around that city, yet his art transcends the local and addresses universal themes of history and memory. His work is celebrated around the world and has been the subject of countless international exhibitions, from Tate Modern and MoMA to the Art Institute of Chicago. His contribution to photoconceptualism is recognized throughout the art world, and his cinematographic pictures are immensely popular with the public and the academy alike.
The images Wall has chosen for North and West explore the meaning of history and how we remember the cities we inhabit. North and West is a succinct and indispensable look into the profoundly moving and influential oeuvre of Jeff Wall.

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