Homer Sykes - On The Road Again

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Homer Sykes - On The Road Again

Wonderful book of classic American roadtrip photography by Homer Sykes.

1st edition published by Mansion Editions, 2002
Format: Softcover (with flaps)
Pages: 120
Condition: Very Good

In 1969 I was twenty and had fallen in love with two men. Cartier-Bresson and Robert Frank, neither of whom I had met.

I had fallen in love with photography.

It was my second year at photography school in London and I had a copy of Frank's book, The Americans. I loved every bit of it; such simple, uncomplicated, thoughtful photographs, and apparently so easy to take. The previous Christmas I had been given a copy of The Decisive Moment by Cartier-Bresson. I knew what I wanted to do.

I had never been to America, I had to see America. And in the long summer break I travelled to New York. The first morning I took a photograph from my hotel room window, it was through venetian blinds of a skyscraper across the street. The rest of that first day I walked the streets of New York. It was hot, it was August, it was extraordinary.

... Thirty years later I returned to America, and picked up the story. My idea was that I should have no schedule, no plan, apart from travelling by Greyhound bus and hire car as before. I would drift with the wind. Go where it took me.

Chance Encounters: An American Journal is my written account of two three-week trips made in the autumn of 1999, and the spring of 2001 - Homer Sykes.