Hashimoto Katsuhiko - Nagi (Signed)

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Hashimoto Katsuhiko - Nagi (Signed)

Signed 1st edition published by Sokyu-Sha, 2019 (edition of 200 copies)
Format: Hardback, 250x240mm
Pages: 78
Condition: Very Good

Time has stopped in the sceneries captured by Katsuhiko Hashimoto in his photobook “Nagi.” The street-scenes he shows us – captured in towns and cities throughout Japan – are presented as accumulations of time; they show what once was. In his afterword, Hashimoto outlines that his photographs are driven by mental pictures of his memories and their misalignment with the present world.
“Scenes of such streets, standing there quietly, unmoved by the swell of the years, allow oneself to slip back to a gentler course of time. Serenity and the conversations of people seem to soothe the hectic flurry of life. There are still places like that today, slow towns, with their old Showa-era structures and shop-lined streets to remind us of bygone days.”