Di Emerson & Paul Garcia - Blindhæd

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Di Emerson & Paul Garcia - Blindhæd

2x Numbered 18/50 1st editions, self-published, 2015
Format: 2x hardbacks, 185x235mm
Pages: 72 (each book)
Condition: Very Good

*Comes with 8x5 inch c-type print.

Casebound, thread-sewn and quarter cloth
72 pages, four colour process
150gsm Symbol Freelife
GF Smith endpapers
Foiled on spine and debossed logo

Blindhæð consists of two companion books by Di Emerson and Paul Garcia. Images were collected over three years and include shots from Iceland, Norway and Japan, as well as their respective home towns. The photographers work together, but explore different aspects of the spaces.

Di's work is closer, more involved and sympathetic to the spirit of the finds; stories told through tattered fabrics and discarded objects and the vandalised. Even the more graphic elements are described through their cracks and scratches. "It is social commentary built from subtleties, soft curtains hiding metal shutters or the faded glitter of closed high-street arcades. It is fascinating how the same patterns are found in different cultures, even graffiti seems to converge. I try and find beauty in everything."

Paul's work is colder, with more focus on composition and narrative. Where the previous book, No Direction Left To Turn, was built on routine and repetition, and concentrated on the relationship between natural and man-made, the new work features entirely artificial environments. The same forces act, yet the nature in this series is more challenging and oblique; the way a bag splits, plastic cracks or water gathers between bricks. "The loss of form has always been real and felt and I've always wanted to share this connection. It has been interesting to explore other people's random, how things get inadvertently stacked and stored, and see how much of my own compositional instinct survives."