Daido Moriyama - Record No.39 (Signed)

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Daido Moriyama - Record No.39 (Signed)

Signed 1st edition published by Akio Nagasawa Publishing, 2018
Format: Softcover, 280 × 210 mm
Pages: 120
Condition: Very Good.

Issue number 39 of Daido Moriyama’s journal series, featuring his signature street photography. Moriyama’s unique skill to capture the streets – their appearance, their “soul” as well as the life taking place in them – has not diminished over the years: Record No 39 is as skillful and manifold a portrait of Japan’s street as ever.
In the afterword (in Japanese and English), Moriyama comments on his way of photographing:

“As utterly personal as my impulses and views may be, all I want to do is capture the time that I’ve been given, and the era that I’ve been placed in, in as many photographs as possible. There is no sense of mission whatsoever involved, no desire to create “records of the times” or “documents for future generations.” I simply want to continue to depict that strange and mysterious phenomenon called everyday life – the people, the customs, and the sceneries that unfold in front of my eyes – with a certain emotion."