Bryan Adams - Homeless

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Bryan Adams - Homeless

Sensitive and quality portraiture work by the multi-talented Bryan Adams!

1st edition published by Steidl, 2019
Format: Hardback
Pages: 160
Condition: Very Good

Six years ago Bryan Adams was approached by Trudie Styler to photo- graph a portrait story of homeless street vendors for The Big Issue magazine. That story inspired a more in-depth photographic look at these people who live on the streets of London and sell the magazine. The Big Issue is a weekly publication created by professional jour - nalists and photographers, and sold on the streets to provide the homeless with legitimate income and facilitate their reintegration into mainstream society. Today The Big Issue is published in several international editions throughout Asia and Africa.

Adams’ portraits are direct, compassionate and full of dignity. They depict character beyond social and economic circumstance, and can be seen as a continuation of Adams’ 2013 Wounded: The Legacy of War , his portraits of young British soldiers who suffered life-chang - ing injuries during combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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