Andy Sewell - Something Like A Nest (Signed)

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Andy Sewell - Something Like A Nest (Signed)

Beautifully produced book of large format work which explores the British Countryside.

Signed, self-published 1st edition, 2014
Format: Hardback with cover protector
Pages: 108
Condition: Very Good

Something like a Nest explores the space between the countryside as an idea and the messier, more complex experience we find there.

The countryside is often depicted as self-contained world. As an escape from modernity with clearly defined connections between people, place, food, and custom. Or, more rarely, through the equally sealed alienation of intensive farming. But what is there is always more fluid, mysterious, and entangled than this.

As we look closer, we see the modern and the traditional, the natural and the synthetic, the local and the distant, the idyllic and the unsettling, are enmeshed within each other. These categories are not interchangeable, but the boundaries between them are permeable. There is no clean escape, no meaningful way of separating one from the other.