Alec Soth - Ping Pong Conversations

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Alec Soth - Ping Pong Conversations

1st edition published by Contrasto, 2013.
Format: Hardback, 155x220mm
Pages: 180
Condition: Very Good.

'Each picture gives rise to a charter of its own, an original thought or reflection. Storytelling and the use of color and black and white, staged and candid approaches, and personal and political issues are just a few of the many arguments that the American photographer discusses with Francesco Zanot, resulting in a combination of words and images that constitutes both a complex examination of Alec Soth's work and a manual on that reading of photography itself. Soth’s images are shuffled together here to form new sequences: tracing the threads of memories, addressing cultural issues and references, and thus creating unforeseen and unforeseeable connections.'

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